About Us

2-Roses is a life long collaboration between Corliss Rose and John Lemieux Rose. Each is a master craftsman in their own right, and together they encompass a formidable range of expertise across a wide range of mediums.

Both are the product of formal artistic training in the U.S and abroad. Curiosity and evolution have been the driving forces of the studio since its inception in 1968. In addition to art jewelry, some of the major mediums the studio produces work for are commercial and industrial design, tool and die making, painting, photography, lithography, sculpture, holography, furniture, fabrics, engineered plastics, leatherwork, ceramics, lapidary and gem cutting.

The studio continues to evolve as the couple’s interests shift and cross-pollinate from one medium to another. In 2005 the studio began formally exploring the creative process collaborating with a wide variety of artists and individuals from other disciplines, mediums and industries.