Corlite is a new PVC based product for jewelry and craft designers made by 2Roses. The material is available in 2 to 3mm thick, 3 x 3 inch (approx.) sheets. The material is very easy to work with standard hand tools, which make it ideal for hobbyists and professionals alike. It can be used to add interesting colors, patterns, textures and shapes to a variety of projects. In jewelry, Corlite is often used in place of, or to enhance a cabochon or other gem setting.

Corlite can be easily finished matte, semi-gloss or polished to a glass-like surface. The material is light, slightly flexible, and extremely durable. It can be bezel set and worked like most gem or organic material. It can be glued, screwed riveted, carved and combined with wood, metal, and plastic. Corlite is non-toxic and and child and pet safe.

Left: Easy to layout with pencils, pens and what-have-you.
Middle: Easy to cut with scissors
Right: Easy to cut with shears

Left: Easy to cut with a jeweler’s saw
Middle: Easy to cut with an X-acto Knife
Right: Easy to bend and conform to curved and irregular shapes

Left: Easy to carve with hand tools
Middle: Easy to carve and shape with burrs
Right: Easy to drill with power or by hand

Left: Easy to sand, smooth and shape
Middle: Easy to sand, shape and carve with abrasive wheels and bits
Right: Easy to smooth and polish using standard jewelry finishing bits

Left: Easy to sand, smooth and polish by hand using wet-dry sandpaper
Middle: Easy to smooth, shape and polish using abrasive sponges
Right: Easy to smooth, shape and polish by hand using nail file sticks

Left: Easy to smooth and shape with any files
Middle: Easy to cold join with rivets
Right: Easy to cold join with screws

Left: Forms a super strong molecular bond with cyanoacrylate (super glue)

Genuine Corlite™ is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.
Corlite sheets are roughly 3 inch X 3 inch.

The following is just a small sample of Corlite color and pattern possibilities.