2Roses SteamPunk Glasses take Grand Prize
at Metal Arts Society of Southern California

Every year the Metal Arts Society of Southern California hosts a competition and exhibition for metal artists practicing within the region of Santa Barbara to San Diego. Each artist is provided with a small box containing the same materials, plus a “wild card”. The artist is allowed to also add a wild card item or material of their own choosing.¬†Considering that everyone starts with essentially the same materials, the creativity of the results is truly staggering.

2Roses is proud to announce that their steampunk glasses were awarded Grand Prize by exhibition jurors.

How they were made
Following are photos showing how
the steampunk glasses were made.

Indelible Show featuring 2Roses hits
a perfect pitch for LA


“We ran off and joined the circus”, hand fabricated bracelet in polymer, sterling silver, copper, black Tahitian pearls.

7th Beijing International Art Biennale


Modern Living - Room at the Top

International audiences were captivated by 2Roses “Modern Living” series. Each piece in the series is a visual metaphor expressing an aspect of living in Southern California. Show is “Room at the top”, fabricated in polymer, powder-coated aluminum, and stainless steel.