Bangles that Fit – the Domed Bangle Tutorial

Learn to make a bangle bracelet that will fit your hand perfectly!

This tutorial will take you step-by-step to make a lined bangle bracelet with easy-to-do embellishments.

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The full-color Bangles that Fit – Domed Bangle Tutorial contains 15 pages and is in PDF format. We also give you rolled polymer clay thicknesses in playing card equivalents. This is to ensure that the thickness of your clay matches that of the tutorial. Using cards from a regular deck of playing cards to standardize polymer clay thickness settings has brought standardization to a creative community using many types of pasta machines for rolling out clay, all of which have different measurements for thickness.

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Terms for Use

Please feel free to use the techniques in this tutorial for your creative exploration, including items you would make for sale. Free redistribution or sale of this tutorial in any form is strictly prohibited.

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