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2Roses 2019-2020 Workshop Offerings

Polymer Clay Color Pop Bangle Workshop
Polymer Clay 3 Elements Brooch Workshop
Polymer Clay UnSquared Brooch Workshop
Polymer Clay Kimono Style Print Pendant Workshop
Polymer Clay Landscape Pendant and Earrings Workshop
Polymer Clay Romanesque Fresco Earrings Workshop

Workshops for Creative Development

We keep it light and work at a pace that all can follow.  Our predominately project based format always includes information about the process. Students get an idea of why specific colors work together, what went into the design and what techniques were used for actual construction/finishing. They go home with a lot more than a completed piece.

We provide the supplies and hardware unique to a specific workshop.
It’s all included in your fee!

We’ve found this feature to be very well received. If students are working with alcohol inks for the first time, they do not have to invest in an expensive set of colors. The same goes for earring and pin hardware. We provide these items as part of the standard workshop fee. All you need to do is show up with your tools and general supplies.

What people say about 2Roses workshops

great earrings, wonderful model – Polymer Landscape Pendant and Earrings Workshop

Bowers Museum students admiring their work – great job ladies!