Romanesque Fresco Earrings Workshop

Create earrings reminiscent of an ancient, painted fresco

Corliss will take you through the process of making these double-sided earrings. You’ll choose from a variety of sizes and shapes from a provided paper template sheet. In addition, you’ll learn how to permanently embed findings, do subtle coloring with alcohol inks, distressing and finishing. No need to worry about precise cutting because you’ll be“tearing” clay to make your patterns and designs. Samples with workable color combinations will be provided as sources for student inspiration.

Skill Levels: all
Length of Workshop: full day (8 hours plus meal break)

-an instructional handout
-a hard copy “cut out” template
-surgical steel French wires or posts
-jump rings
-thin gauge binding wire
-clay, alcohol inks & acrylic paint

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